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Safe Water Heating with Wood Stoves

Placing coils in wood stove fireboxes is not a safe practice as very high pressures can be created. Steam explosions can be fatal. This is the main reason why stove manufacturers do not offer water heating coils. Another reason is that the coils may interfere with combustion efficiency and emission certifications. However, most of the heat from stoves can be transferred to water. Combine flue gas heat recovery with a water heating coil.

Heat-Booster Energy Systems has developed an inherently safe water heating system for wood stoves. Excessive pressures cannot be developed, even during power failures, and there is no effect on combustion process. Compare to other systems. Systems are available as part of new stoves or as retrofit kits. Patents have been applied for.


Flue-gas Heat Recovery System for Wood Stoves
Water Heating Coil Optional

Most wood stoves waste heat in flue-gases. The thermal efficiency of wood stoves is usually in the 50% range at medium to high fire. A large portion of the heat being lost up the chimney can be recovered and be used for space or safe water heating. The Heat-Booster heat reclaimer produces hot air, representing 5-10 kW or 17,000-35,000 BTU/h. Thermal efficiency goes up to 90% in many cases! Heat reclaimer system consists of a heat exchanger, a blower, and a draft-booster that mounts on top of chimney. A water heating coil is optional and can be combined with Hot-Jacket coils for maximum water heating. This is ideal for hydronic heating systems. A “passive” coil suitable for thermo-syphon systems will soon be available.

Draft-Booster for Chimney

Heat reclaimer creates pressure drop (resistance to gas flow) that must be compensated for. A venturi type device has been developed by Heat-Booster Energy Systems. There are no mechanical or electrical parts in contact with flue gases. Install a Draft-Booster and say goodbye to back-drafts and startup smoke. Enjoy good draft during all weather conditions and wind directions. System includes a high quality blower. Unit is made from 316 stainless steel. Great for outdoor boilers!

Solar Heat Recovery Systems

Solar radiation can be converted to heat or electricity. The trick is how to do this economically (a reasonable pay-back period without subsidies). Heat-Booster Energy Systems have developed attic heat recovery systems for space and/or water heating, modular solar heat collectors that also function as roofs, walls and fences. This reduces costs dramatically. A hybrid solar thermal/solar photovoltaics collector is also available. One panel provides heat and electricity. These modular collectors have the lowest possible installed cost when used in new construction. Patents have been applied for.

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